Dry Fruits & Nuts Exporter In Pakistan
For Redefining The True Taste And Quality Of Sweet Treats 

Munawar Industrial Enterprises is an independently owned & operated second generation, food products exporter in Pakistan. We are pleased to contribute a significant part to Pakistan’s exports to the Middle East and European countries. With a fostered credibility in all that we bring, we provide 100% organic and nutrient-dense nuts and dry fruits in bulk and at reasonable prices. 

To realize so we are in collaboration with our partners with the best farming practices and reliable collection of dry fruits. We adhere to the business-to-business trade model, we accommodate from food manufacturers to confectioneries and dry blend makers, traders, and retailers in the requested form from whole to powder

Our Featured Dry Fruits & Nuts Listing

We deal with wide-ranging dry fruits and nuts keeping quality on the top. So be it to enhance your dishes, organic and conventional cooking, and Baking, or simply storing, our dry fruits products fit all such practices at best.

Almonds and Almonds

Walnut and Walnut

Pinenuts and Pinenuts

Dry black




Raisins Green Yellow
and Red 

Sesame seeds

Breath the Zist of Freshness with Our
Dry Fruits And Nuts

Extensive Range of
Nuts/ Dry Fruits 

We are your one-stop industrial-scale exporter for a broad collection of quintessential nuts and dry fruits with an extended shelf life. So from walnuts to figs and mulberries, we met all the quality standards and increased nutrient intake with excellence.

Candied Fruit

In close interaction with the dry food market and confectioneries, we know finding premium-quality candied fruits involves a lot of effort. So we bring glace fruits including Mango slices, Citrus peel, Orange slices, Mulberry, Strawberry cubes, Apple slice, and more.

Required Type and

Our dry fruit collection and processing extends to the whole, peeled, crushed, and powdered dry fruits and nuts. Further, as a leading supplier and exporter of nuts & dry fruits, we know how to preserve the natural integrity, taste, color, and texture of natural products.

Unique Benefit

We are more than available for your needs of special-benefit nuts and dry fruits. So get us on board with you for dry fruits for diabetics, cardiovascular health, memory and immunity, weight loss, bones, hair, skin, and more.


We are proactive in never letting our product quality slip even an inch for our respected clients. In addition, we believe in keeping pace with the ethical drying of fruits instead of playing gimmicks like added sugars, flavors, colors, or preservatives. 

Specialized Dryers
& Dehydrators

Our processing plant incorporates cutting-edge machinery for drying the products including an industrial dehydrator, vacuum dryer, belt dryer, and so on. So blending our expertise in conventional and novel drying methods along with modern equipment, we offer first-rate dry fruits.

Ravishing Benefits Of Dry
Fruits And Nuts 

Dry fruits and nuts carry a whole powerhouse of healthy fats & micronutrients alongside vitamins, proteins, iron, mineral, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. Whether you desire to can have them as a healthy substitute for daily snacks or food processing maneuvers, let us be your partner supplier of Dry fruits and nuts, and candied fruits in Pakistan. 

  • Promote health and Iron intake.
  • Ensure healthy bones, muscles, nerves, and teeth.
  • Boost memory, better metabolism, and immunity
  • Help with quick weight loss and gain
  • Prevents diabetes and lowers bad cholesterol levels.
  • Great for snacks and salads.
  • Diets with a delicious nutritional boost.

Our specialty as Pakistan’s best Dry Fruits and Nuts Supplier and Exporter 

Collectors, processors & exporters of a wide array of dry fruits & nuts
Bulk deliveries of the whole, peeled, crushed, and powder dry fruits & nuts
Factory rates and order fulfillment with utmost care and
Guaranteed Greater
Shelf Life of
dry natural