Commercial And Export Hub of Finest-Quality Dried Herbs

Munawar Industrial Enterprises (MIE) takes pride in having a good standing for exporting premium quality dried herbs to European and Middle East Countries. We are proactive in meeting the great demands of naturally-grown medicinal and aromatic dried plants in the domestic and international markets.
Being in the herbs collection and export market, we understand the dire need of maintaining the quality for commercial trade. Therefore, our wild-harvested herbs collection extends mainly to the Northern Areas of Pakistan.
Since our outset in 1986, we are widening the reach of our clients for wild collected Neuromedical plants. Further, as one of the main wild herbs suppliers, we understand each sector’s specifications regarding the herbs. Therefore, catering to all key markets including the medicine and cosmetics industries, we have more than 150 herbs in our business listing.

Product Catalogue Of Wild & Dried Herbs At MIE

We deal with wide-ranging dry fruits and nuts keeping quality on the top. So be it to enhance your dishes, organic and conventional cooking, and Baking, or simply storing, our dry fruits products fit all such practices at best.

(Juniperus communis)

(Glycyrrhiza glabra)

(Valeriana wallichi)

Vegetable Rennet
(Withania goagulans)

Marsh Mallow
(Althaea Officialis)

Procurement Of Herbs With A Wealth Of
Knowledge And Experience

Medicinal Herbs

We deal with a wide variety of dried herbs in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector. Contact us for your desired herbs for quality medical treatments from chronic disease and unhealthy lifestyles or other medical practices to new drug research.


MIE is well aware of its social and ethical obligations towards the environment as a wild-grown herb collector. So knowing our responsibility we always encourage sustainable collection methods in the wild. Our medicinal herbs collection follows the pivotal themes presented in GACP guidelines.

Promised Quality

We believe quality herbs make the finest medicine and outstanding products. So we are more than confident about delivering the right products with quality at its prime for the whole selection of herbs regardless of the form including finе-powdered, shredded, and crushed.

Dried Herbs

As a reputable herbs exporter to the local sector and international market, we commute our passion for authenticity. We bring forth ethical and sustainably sourced herbs as your desired raw material or also provide dried herbs.

Longer Shelf Life

We follow strict adherence to longer shelf lives for herbs for all medical and perfumery plants. So we maintain the highest of standards for all of our work from collection to drying techniques and storage of the medicinal & perfumery plants.

Skilled Staff

Each Staff involved with the identification, collection, and processing of wild-grown herbs has an experience of several years. So our customers can expect consistently excellent quality no matter which type of product you are buying from us.

Benefits Of Herbs

Herbs have got healing power. So they offer surprising health benefits with their therapeutic properties be it being used in medications or cosmetic products. Therefore, medicinal plants are in use to heal and cure diseases since ancient times.
However, different herbs are helpful for different treatments and diseases. For example, herbs help with the treatment of chronic and acute conditions like cardiovascular disease, prostate problems, depression, inflammation, and the immune system. So we as collectors and processors of naturally grown medical and perfumery herbs in Pakistan bring such powerful herbs to your disposal.

Why MIE for organic certified herbs in Pakistan?

Leading Pakistani exporters of wild-harvested herbs
Prevention of contamination of herbs from field to shelf
Dried wild-grown herbs in bulk at optimal prices
Widest range of medicinal and perfumery plants